Wednesday, May 30, 2012

'Sensation' Extravaganza Coming to Barclays Center In October

Sensation Amsterdam
That over-the-top Euro-spectacle -- Sensation -- will open in America at Barclays Center in Brooklyn in late October, according to Dancing Astronaut.

Barclays will be the first venue for the previously Euro-only event, to be dubbed 'Sensation America.' Past Sensation events have been described a "spectacle beyond belief."

Sensation Amsterdam
Dancing Astronaut describes the Barcelona Sensation: "Sensation White is a musical experience unlike any festival, club, or rave that I’ve ever been to. 13,000 people adhered to the strict dress code — 'Be part of the night, dress in white' . . . What resulted was a night jam packed with emotion, music, and a whole lot of sweaty Europeans moving in unison decked out in white jumpsuits."

According to Whomping Stereo, DJ/ producer Fedde Le Grand will “be among the star-studded lineup” for least one of the Brooklyn shows.

Sensation Amsterday
At Sensation extravaganzas, you pay for things with “SENS,” a fake currency only accepted at Sensation events. One SENS is the equivalent two Euros. (They are sold in sticks of five tabs that rip apart.)

The full Sensation USA announcement is set for Thursday, May 31st.

Photos courtesy of Sensation

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Anonymous said...

i lost my neighborhood for this??

bj said...

Fin de siècle: From Wikipedia -- "The expression fin de siècle is used to characterise anything that has an ominous mixture of opulence and/or decadence, combined with a shared prospect of unavoidable radical change or some approaching 'end.'"