Thursday, May 3, 2012

Will Peas n' Pickles Challenge Gristedes' Supremacy in North Brooklyn Heights?

With the acquisition of the next door storefront on Pineapple Walk in Brooklyn Heights (shown above as workers were transferring goods from the original store), Peas n' Pickles market is expanding from a convenience mart into an supermarket/deli, with enough square footage to challenge Gristedes supermarket right across the walk.

While Gristedes is much larger and includes a pharmacy, their inventory control is chaotic and prices can be outrageously high.

If Peas n' Pickles can keep their friendly service and reasonable prices (cheaper than Gristedes anyway) the place should do very well.

Peas n' Pickles owner Jung Sook Lee told the Brooklyn Eagle the deli and salad bar portion will open in about two months, after the original section is renovated.

(Factoid: The Brooklyn Heights' Peas n' Pickles -- there is another branch in DUMBO -- has its own listing in the Urban Dictionary.)

Photo by MK Metz

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