Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Occupy May Day Wrap Up

As batteries die in cell phones and video cameras, here are some links to some interesting Occupy May Day photos, videos and livestreams:

* Photos of the march over the Williamsburg Bridge. (Where have we seen that officer with the Hefty bag before?) Brooklyn Eagle

* Boing Boing posts a large-format gallery of Occupy protests from around the world.

* Students rally for a lot of things in Fort Greene. The Local

* Video of marchers in NYC as far as the eye can see. Dicey Troop

* Police get violent. YouTube

* Union Square from the air. @mithaler

* Livestreams continue here. Occupy Brooklyn

* Is the Occupy party over? NY Magazine

Photo by skenmy, Creative Commons license

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Angry said...

May the police arrest you all for terrorism and treason. You are nothing but the dredges of society, useful idiots of a Marxist and Anarchist agenda, and after 5 of you tried to blow up a bridge in Ohio, you have lost all respect.

Anonymous said...

I don't think 99 percent of the people can be all those bad things you mentioned.