Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Are You a 'Rugged Maniac?' Brooklyn 5K May Be For You

Are you a burly, rugged maniac? The kind that considers no work out complete unless it includes a crawl through mud under barbed wire?

Have we got a rugged event for you: the Rugged Maniac Obstacle Race at Aviator Sports Complex on June 30.

Rugged Maniac features twenty rugged obstacles. The sponsors say: "These aren’t the pop-up kiddie obstacles you’ll see at other races. You’ll climb over walls up to 12’ high, crawl through mud under barbed wire, slide down a 50’ water slide, jump over fire and face many other challenges all while running through a combination of forests, fields, motocross tracks and ski slopes."

Like any good rugged adventure, the event ends in a blaze of rugged glory with "a rocking after party with great bands, good food and plenty of beer."

Aviator is at 3159 Flatbush Ave. in Brooklyn. More here.

Photo by Eli Christman, Creative Commons license

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Ragnor Relay said...

I love adventure. I have done and tried that obstacle racing before. I find it fun and so adventurous activity.

bj said...

Haven't tried it yet but sounds like good clean fun.