Thursday, May 3, 2012

Handing Out Condoms At the High School Prom

Are American teens being encouraged to turn prom night into sex night?

The Brooklyn Eagle reports that NuVo Condoms -- “The Official Condom of Spring Break” -- has cheerfully announced that they will supply free condoms for prom night to any school that asks for them. The company says that research has shown that one in five seventeen-year-olds plan to have sex for the first time on prom night

“We’re not condoning sex for teens, but we want to make sure everybody’s safe and protected,” said a company spokesperson. This mature, researched-based attitude is belied, just a bit, by the company's tagline: “Get It On!” (They also say they are “making a bang” in the condom industry.)

The condom offer has prompted some soul-searching along the lines of, “What is the message we’re sending to these young people?”

Get the whole story at the Brooklyn Eagle.

Photo: Prom Night 1971 by Dok1, Creative Commons license

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sexy dresses said...

I think it is good they are ready to provide free condoms. You never know!! :-)

Anonymous said...

Each condom package should have an SAT review question