Thursday, May 31, 2012

Car Fire On Brooklyn Bridge -- Massive Jam -- Thursday Night, May 31, 2012

Massive traffic jam alert for the Brooklyn Bridge:

(See bottom of post for recent updates.)

FDNY and NYPD have closed the Manhattan-bound side of the Brooklyn Bridge and are considering closing the Brooklyn-bound side as fire vehicles struggle to get to a car fire on the bridge.

One engine is close to the fire -- mid-span on the bridge -- and other units are stuck in the traffic jam.

UPDATE: As of 9:45 p.m.: Several engines made it to the fire by approaching from the FDR access road. The fire has been extinguished and FDNY is laying down a foam blanket as gasoline has spilled over the bridge. Traffic is still a disaster -- avoid the Brooklyn Bridge.

UPDATE: As of 9:57, Brooklyn-bound traffic is moving on the Brooklyn Bridge but traffic going towards Manhattan is still at an absolute standstill. Emergency vehicles are still stuck in the Manhattan-bound lanes.

UPDATE: 10:10 p.m.: Police are not letting vehicles onto the Manhattan-bound lanes of the Brooklyn Bridge. Do not attempt to drive to Manhattan on the Brooklyn Bridge, you will be redirected by NYPD. (Traffic to Brooklyn is moving.)

UPDATE: 10:33 p.m.: FDNY reports that the fire did not damage the structure of the Brooklyn Bridge itself, but it did engage the wooden structures and tarps associated with the ongoing bridge repair project. Manhattan-bound lanes are still closed. Brooklyn-bound lanes are in service.

UPDATE: 11:10 p.m.: Manhattan-bound lanes of the Brooklyn Bridge are still closed. Brooklyn-bound lanes are in service.A tow truck is trying to work its way in to the damaged vehicle, but it may take some time to get through the jam.

FINAL UPDATE: Midnight: The damaged vehicle has apparently been removed from the roadway, but that doesn't mean the Manhattan-bound lane of the Brooklyn Bridge is traveling towards Manhattan. For now is the hour that construction takes place in the Brooklyn-bound lane, which is now closed to traffic. The lanes which are supposed to be Manhattan-bound have been transformed, as usual, to Brooklyn-bound. If you want to get to Manhattan from Brooklyn, take another bridge.

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Anonymous said...

I really hope the people in the car are ok.
You could barely get on the brooklyn bound side. There was ramp work and the only way on was from Chambers Street. We went in a terrible loop of detours. And the Battery Tunnel Brooklyn bound entrance was closed except for the immediate entrance by Battery Park. It was possibly the worst traffic mess I have ever been in.

Anonymous said...

I saw the same people stuck on the bridge for hours.

Peter Ragonetti said...

WOW! We arrived to the bridge when the police were closing the Brooklyn Bound side, luckily we were in a cab so we just bailed from the cab and grabbed the train! A cop did tell us that it was a cop car on fire.

Anonymous said...

So THAT's what all those helicopters were about. Thought it was an invasion.