Thursday, May 29, 2008

Owner Goes to Court to Stop 100 Clark St. Demo, Brooklyn Heights

According to the Brooklyn Eagle, the top-to-bottom demolition of 100 Clark Street in Brooklyn Heights has come to an abrupt halt after the owner, Penson Corp., went to court to force the city to stop the wrecking ball.

The Eagle got word that the City had decided to tear the whole building down -- then the work was halted. Only half of the "derelict" mansion in Brooklyn Heights remains, with apartments open to the elements, as the case now waits for a legal decision.

The word on the street is that Penson Corp. is putting up the three now-homeless tenants in one of its other buildings.

The landmarked but long-neglected 1852 building was found by inspectors to be so shamefully unsafe that the building was evacuated and a wrecking crew was sent in early Sunday.

Work Stops at 100 Clark Brooklyn Eagle

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Photo by MK Metz

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