Sunday, May 4, 2008

Civil Disobedience Across City Planned For Wednesday

Rev. Al Sharpton vowed to bring sections of the city to a stand still Wednesday with a series of pray-ins at six locations, including in front of the House of the Lord Church on Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn.

The pray-ins are meant to protest the April 25 acquittals of three police detectives who killed the unarmed Sean Bell on his wedding day.

He expects the protesters, who will be down on their knees, to be arrested. "If you're not going to lock up the guilty in this town I guess you have to lock up the innocent," he said.

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Anonymous said...

You know the killing of Sean Bell really wasn't a racial incident. This was clearly an over reaction by the police that led to tragedy. I hope that the civil trial might at least provide some pay back for the loss. My heart goes out to Mr. Bell's fiance and his family. The question remains what is going to be done in the future to prevent these things from happening again? We are becoming more and more like a police state with the main victims blacks, other people of color and immigrants.

Anonymous said...

yeah it was a tragedy, but the real story is how much money the lawyer standford "limosuine" rubenstein (office on Court Street)and the rev--just doin the peoples work-sharpton have pocketed on these tragedies and in the bell case they see a H*UGE payday coming their ways. F**** in Huge Man !!! Court street estimates say these esteemed are looking at $10 mil each for their good works.

Thats a real score on the blood money-

I'll do the protest thing if I can get me som eof that money to---I hear that sharps usually pays a hund. a day for showin up, and open to the vocal bonuss.

Anonymous said...

Meet at 3 p.m.

Anonymous said...

hell with that protest