Thursday, May 15, 2008

Visit BoCoCa & Gowanus on BCAT

Take a look at BoCoCa & Gowanus on BCAT' s (Brooklyn Community Access Television) Neighborhood Beat, Friday, May 16 at 12:30 and 8:30 p.m.

Visit with Mazzotti Music – a vintage guitar shop in Gowanus; chat with Dan Nadel, owner of Picturebox – an award-winning art, music, photography, and comics publisher on 3rd Street; and make two stops on Atlantic Avenue that include Trudy Miller: Layers boutique and Brawta Caribbean CafĂ©.

Photo: Sean Moran tries out a vintage guitar with son at Mazzotti Music on 3rd Avenue.

Photo courtesy of BCAT


Anonymous said...

Mcbrooklyn you give us a great deal of information, most of it useful but PLEASE PLEASE dont pass on the word bocokka. IT's just the worst ever!!!!

Three great neighborhoods deserve far far better. A pet peeve yes, but hateto see you further this travesty opf language and place. Really, do better and no one worth reading or listening to or anyone ANYONE who lives in these three great neighborhoods uses this bok-akka word.

thank youu.

Anonymous said...


mcbrooklyn said...

Ha Ha! Right you are. We took the wording from from the title of the show as given to us by BCAT. But from now on we will BAN "BoCoCa"! (Ca-ca and Ca-ca-ca are still allowed.)