Thursday, May 22, 2008

A Nice Clean '65 Lincoln by the Brooklyn Waterfront

This squeaky-clean '65 Lincoln caught our eye as we were wandering around Fulton Ferry Landing. Sweet!

Then we noticed something painted on the back hood: ", First Solar-Powered Restaurant and Market."

Turns out the EcoEatery car belongs to the Habana Outpost in Fort Greene, which prides itself on being an Earth-friendly community gathering space (with Latin-style food).

Oh yeah! The place with the bicycle-powered smoothie machine. Here's a description on Yelp: "Running off solar energy, having cups and cutlery made from biodegradable cornstarch, being adorned by bright murals and having a smoothie machine powered by either you or some kid on a bicycle (ATTN: child protective services) is only the tip of the compost pile, er, iceberg of HO's twice mentioned pure awesomeness."

Anyway, if you're not into the Brooklyn Bridge fireworks, Habana Outpost is celebrating African Liberation Day. The opening reception for "Back to My Roots," a photography exhibition celebrating the people of Ghana, is tonight at 7 p.m.

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