Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Toy Theater Festival in Dumbo; Pleasantly Weird

We stumbled upon the Eighth International Toy Theater Festival at Saint Ann's Warehouse in Dumbo the other day. Besides one of the weirdest little exhibits (and it is little; everything is in miniature) we've seen in quite some time, there are a variety of programs of a cosmic, puppet, poetic or cabaret-type nature -- such as "Duncan Partone -- or -- The Boy with a Bird in His Heart;" or "The Matchbox Shows," which are teeny, tiny puppet shows performed inside matchboxes.

"Turandot," by Jane Freeman. Click on photo to blow it up. Notice all those little bloody heads on sticks?

"Main Slot Theater," by Serra Hirsch. It's actually in a mail slot. Looking glass provided.

There are programs for adults and one for families, workshops and cabarets. These cost money, but the exhibit is free. The event runs till May 31.

Photos by MK Metz

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