Thursday, May 8, 2008

Sean Bell Demonstrators March in Downtown Brooklyn

As part of the citywide protest against the verdict in the Sean Bell Case, several hundred demonstrators set out from the House of the Lord Church on Atlantic Avenue in Downtown Brooklyn Wednesday.

Traffic in the area was disrupted as their march took them to both the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges, where police turned them back, and to the BQE entrance on Tillary, also blocked off.

About 50 demonstrators were arrested in the middle of Tillary Street, the Brooklyn Eagle says.

The video (top) shows the demonstrators marching back from the BQE along Tillary at rush
hour (where they were again prevented from entering the Brooklyn Bridge).

From there they marched onto Adams Street, past the Brooklyn Marriott to Atlantic Avenue. Chanting "We are all Sean Bell," and the numbers 1 - 50 (for every shot), they surged past the Brooklyn House of Detention (top photo) and back to the House of the Lord Church.

Even though traffic was snarled during the march, drivers passing by the other way honked their horns in solidarity.

According to the NY Sun, Rev. Sharpton, two survivors of the Sean Bell shooting, and the slain man's fiancee were among about a dozen people arrested near the base of the Brooklyn Bridge on the Manhattan side.

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Photos and video by MK Metz

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Anonymous said...

I say keep it up! at least once a week--random and block all the outlets for cars and snarl the trafic for hours. if anything, could be the best way to get people to use mass transit and at least rememer the sb stuff too