Friday, May 23, 2008

Multiple Knifings and Shootings at MetroTech, But Not Really

So the EMTs were called in to MetroTech in Downtown Brooklyn because a guy hurt his foot. No problemo, right?

Wrong. He hurt his foot running away from a bad guy, and as the EMTs were fixing the foot, the bad guy comes running up and sticks a knife in his chest. A big fight erupts and BAM! -- the cops shoot the bad guy. Now the EMTs have two problems.

As they try to deal with this, one of the rescuers becomes a little short of breath. Then a lot short of breath. Now the EMTs have three problems -- and very little time to solve them.

This was the scenario that happened 13 times Wednesday at the eighth annual EMT/Paramedic Competition/Exhibition in MetroTech Commons. The EMTs were competing against each other for recognition, prizes and pride.

Things like this actually happen to EMTs and paramedics. They never know what they're going to run into when they work to save our lives.

See story in the Brooklyn Eagle.

Last year's competition: EMTs Have a Field Day at MetroTech Tuesday

Photos by MK Metz

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