Friday, May 16, 2008

Gonna Put a Fence Around That Jet Fuel Pipeline, and More Brooklyn News in Brief

- The good news: Alternate side of the street parking is suspended for several months in Park Slope starting Monday. The bad news: Cars from all five boroughs are lining up already. Curbed

- A dilapidated fence surrounding a Bay Ridge rail yard will be replaced, the homeless will be kicked out and a jet fuel pipeline that neighbors fear could be a terror target will be a lot safer. Brooklyn Paper

- BQE Watch documents accident #47. At the usual spot.

- A teenager stormed onto a basketball court firing an AK-47 assault rifle in the upscale town -- not borough -- of Brooklyn. Brooklyn Eagle

- Girl goes into bar in Williamsburg by herself. No one says hello. Observer

- Meryl Streep sighting on Carroll Street. I'm Seeing Green

- Now it's against the law to display a noose as a threat in New York State. AP

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