Monday, May 5, 2008

The Line at Peas n' Pickles

Ever since the fire at the Brooklyn Heights Gristedes, the lines at Peas n' Pickles next door are longer than ever.

Their good luck has been extended till midsummer -- the manager of Gristedes confirmed Friday that the store will be closed until at least the first week of July.

Peas n' Pickles has stepped up to the plate. Lately there are two staff members operating the registers (if not, the efficient Russian guy operates both all by himself). If they don't know a price there's none of this running back to the aisles to look it up -- they just make one up and get on with it.

The Brooklyn Heights Blog wonders if they're shaking us down. (Prices do seem a bit high.) But another possibility is that the fire coincided with a general raise in food prices everywhere.

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Photo by MK Metz


Anonymous said...

Not to knock your news reporting skills, but their were lines of the same length before the fire.

Anonymous said...

Before the fire it seems to me that people just bought one or two items. Now they have the milk, the soup, the bread, the fruit... just takes longer.

Anonymous said...

Don't go around 6:30. Killer.

Anonymous said...

The place was always busy at 6:30.

Anonymous said...

I refuse to shop there. they are a total ripoff.