Thursday, May 8, 2008

Brooklyn American Idol Reject Accused of Child Molestation

If you're going to be a child molester, then don't try out for American Idol. And if you're a child molester and do try out for American Idol, don't be a pathetic failure. Because after you're arrested, people will play back your awful tryout video over and over.

Such is the case with Brooklyn school volunteer and American Idol reject Colin Leahy, 23, who allegedly maintained a relationship with a 12-year-old male student through text messages at PS 236 (on Avenue U in Mill Basin), according to 1010 WINS news. Many of the text messages are said to contain sexual references.

"We're both camp counselors," said Leahy during his American Idol tryout, comparing himself to Idol 2 runner-up Clay Aiken.

The Television Without Pity website said of Leahy:

"He tells us that he's a camp counselor, just like Clay. And he likes kids. And he likes to make people happy and smile. He seems kind of creepy..."

UPDATE: Someone at American Idol must have gotten annoyed with the (probably unauthorized) video. It was recently removed from YouTube. Take our word for it: Very. Bad. Tryout.

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Anonymous said...

I also saw this kid in a local Public Library quite a few times. ( he wore "american Idol" logo t-shirt).