Thursday, May 29, 2008

Carroll Gardens Marco Polo to Offer $19.83 Anniversary Lunch

Marco Polo Ristorante, at 345 Court Street in Carroll Gardens, will be celebrating its 25th anniversary in June by offering special prix fixe anniversary menus, according to the Brooklyn Eagle.

This is one of those places where we've wanted to go forever, but somehow never got around to it. My mailman, who should know, recommends it highly.

Great review on Yelp by Dana P:
"My father is an old skool Italian dude (think love child of Tony Soprano and Paul Sorvino). I took him to Marco Polo last time he came to visit me and he seriously hasn't stopped talking about it since. It's like all of a sudden he gets a Brooklyn accent and talks about this place like his mom and pop own it. I let this silliness slide because it's really THAT good ..."

In February owner Joseph Chirico was caught up in a Gambino crime-family racketeering case. His attorney said Chirico simply did a favor for someone that he shouldn’t have, and joked about how Marco Polo Ristorante "just can’t serve the Godfather Special anymore," according to the Eagle.

Three-courses at lunch for $19.83 (get it? 1983?) and $25.00 at dinner (open 25 years). Take a look at the regular menu, and you'll see it's a steal. The special offer runs June 4-30.

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