Saturday, May 3, 2008

Where to Study Late Night in Brooklyn?

Jessa Harris asks on Chowhound:

"I've got finals all next week and need to find someplace to study late night with wi-fi (and outlets) in Brooklyn. I'm hoping to go there after the Brooklyn Central Library closes at 6pm today and tomorrow (Saturday & Sunday). Does anyone know of a good place to hang out? I would be open to any place that sells coffee and/or alcoholic beverages. But they have to allow laptops, have wi-fi and preferably an outlet that I can use. Please help!"

Our suggestion is the Park Plaza restaurant at 220 Cadman Plaza West in Brooklyn Heights. They have wi-fi (not sure about the outlets) and their Web site gives these hours: "Open Sunday through Thursday 7:00am - 1:30am Friday & Saturday Open 24 Hours"

Any more thoughts on this?

Photo by Sleestake66, Creative Commons license


Anonymous said...

What;s wrong with Starbucks?

Anonymous said...

Gorilla Coffee - 97 5th ave. Park Slope. Open till 9.

Anonymous said...

Try the clean, well-lighted place in your apartment. And try making a cup of coffee on your own. It's simple. Boil water, pour it through ground coffee, add whatever: sweetener or milk or leave it black. And since you'll be probably using a porcelain cup you won't be adding to the detriment of the environment by using PAPER CUPS. (If I hear one more dumb bun complaining about the environment while holding a paper cup of coffee or guzzling water from a disposable plastic bottle, I will scream.) You'll be surprised how delicious the coffee will be.

Anonymous said...

try happy days diner on montague st