Thursday, May 22, 2008

Unpacking the Amazing Telectroscope at Fulton Ferry Landing

The amazing Telectroscope was assembled yesterday afternoon and into the night at Fulton Ferry Landing, near the Brooklyn Bridge.

Many people don't know that a secret tunnel runs deep beneath the Atlantic Ocean, between London and Brooklyn. We certainly didn't. Yesterday, the tunnel was finally completed. The opening on our side of the planet is on the pier at Fulton ferry Landing, naturally.

The extraordinary optical Telectroscope was installed at both ends -- to allow people to see right through the Earth from London to New York and vice versa.

According to its creator, the Telectroscope acts as a visual amplifier, allowing people to see through the tunnel stretching from one side of the world to the other. You will be able to wave at people in London as they wave at you. Know someone you'd like to see over there? Arrange to meet at the same time (don't forget the time difference!) and "helloo!" across the miles.

Artist Paul St. George has created this device. (All questions about its functioning should be directed directly to him...) It should be open to the public today, if all goes well. Through June 15. Free. More here.

UPDATE: The Telectroscope is up and running! See here.

Photo by MK Metz

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I've been blogging at the London end about this. Please do share any pics or vids on YouTube/Flickr if you have time. thx. timw