Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Inside the Brooklyn Heights Gristedes

Here's the interior of the Brooklyn Heights Gristedes as it looks today, more than a month after the fire that ruined everything inside the Henry Street supermarket. The top two photos are shot (roughly) from the area where the dairy department was. That's a phone hanging down from the ceiling in the top photo.

This bottom photo is shot from (roughly) where the eggs were sold. At the top right is the front of the store, where the cash registers were.

The manager confirmed last Friday that the store will be closed until at least the first week of July.

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Photos by MK Metz


Anonymous said...

None of this matters either--except maybe they'll let me live here until they start renovating it.
I'll guard it well.

Anonymous said...

The people who live above the store are hopeful that the new Gristedes will be better than the last one.

Anonymous said...

the people who live above this store should instead be stocking up on grains, rices, waters, soups, flashlights, canned vegetables, candles, the sternos, maybe some fishing line or something, amybe even some frozen venison, whatever, cause a financial/economic sh8tstorm is coming down the pipe and Gristedes wont have anything fresh for years (that is if it ever had). IMHO of course.

Anonymous said...

Busy Chef is a wonderful alternative despite that weird chef guy.